Ready to automate and streamline your reconciliation workflow?

Why do it yourself? Save hours of work instead by letting Atosa do all the hard work for you. Our goal is to help you work smarter, so that you can save time and spend the rest of your day delivering value for your clients.


Automate your reconciliation workflow

Stop the tedious manual data entry in your day-to-day reconciliation work and say hello to streamlined workflow with Atosa’s powerful automation features. Atosa allows you to import your taxpayer data from the ATO into a single platform, and prepares a series of detailed reports which are pre-populated into reconciliation work papers. The good news is, it’s all entirely automated. Don’t spend hours manually looking up and entering ATO data – we take care of that for you within one seamless workflow.


Brilliant reports and powerful analysis

Atosa makes it easy to manage your reconciliation work for multiple taxpayers at once from a single dashboard. Simply dig into the detail of any report for full visibility of liabilities, payments, interest, transfers, and so much more. You can even reallocate payments to effective dates in different periods. Save time with Atosa’s comprehensive suite of automated reporting templates and powerful analysis features.

Make light work of reporting with our unique overview summary report. We speed up your reporting and analysis of all available ATO client accounts including Income Tax, Integrated Client and Fringe Benefits Tax accounts and provide you with a clickable detailed summary so you can easily drill down into the detail.

Easily identify errors or differences in ATO reporting, Financial Statements and wages information. Plus, we’ve built in a powerful three-way reconciliation and analysis to make wages reconciliation even easier.

Get more detail with Atosa’s comprehensive breakdown of penalties, interest income and interest expense for all your client accounts. With greater visibility than the ATO’s Online Services for Agents reports, Atosa’s here to make your life easier.


Bulk reporting and analysis made easy

Using Atosa you can easily report, analyse and manage reconciliations for any number of client accounts in bulk. Simply select all the clients you want to report on and the report types you want to generate and we’ll provide these to you in a single .zip file containing multiple client folders with separate Excel report files for each client. Say goodbye to time consuming singularly focused reconciliation work, we’re your extra pair of hands to help you gain operational efficiency.


Reliable access to relevant ATO Online Services for Agents data

Can’t get access to the data you need because the ATO Online Services for Agents is down? No problems! With Atosa we import ATO data when you connect your Tax Agent account and nominated clients to Atosa, and then you’re all set. Atosa gets the latest ATO data daily. Do away with wasted down time when ATO Online Services are offline, and say goodbye to manual reconciliation processes and transferring of data in the process. Unlike the ATO Online Services, Atosa also allows you to historically access reports for whatever data range or period you choose – not just the last three years.


Integrates with your existing process

Our generated reports can integrate with any pre-existing accounting process that allows integration with Excel files. That’s pretty flexible! In most cases you can do a once off set up to integrate your pre-existing accounting process to our templated reports – accessing the same information from the same cells in Excel regardless of which client you are looking at. Say goodbye to software that doesn’t talk to your existing systems.

Estimate Your Savings

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