Ready to turn reconciliation inefficiencies into opportunity?

Shift your firm’s way of working from manual to automated mode, and turn reconciliation efficiencies into revenue. At Atosa we reduce your team’s time-consuming reconciliation processes with automation at scale, improving visibility and delivering measurable returns for staff and clients alike.


Speed up your process with automation

Make the switch to power and fast-track your team’s operations and business workflow. Atosa uses automation to import ATO data into a single platform which automatically configures the process of reconciling accounts with a series of detailed automated reports. Allow your accountants to focus on analysis and driving value, rather than spending hours on manual day-to-day reconciliation work.


Save time with templates and powerful reporting features

Save time with Atosa’s comprehensive suite of report templates and powerful analysis features. With brilliant automated summaries and detailed breakdowns of key reconciliation data, you can see taxpayer accounts from various angles and make faster, more accurate work of reconciliation. Reduce detailed and repetitive tasks open to human error at the press of a button, that’s all you have to do with Atosa!


Easily deliver and scale reconciliation services

For firms with hundreds or thousands of clients, creating bulk reconciliation reports is easier than you think. Improve operational efficiencies with Atosa’s batch automation and reporting features for a bulk group of clients across any number of taxpayer reports. Plus, we’ll pre-populate and package up individual Excel workpapers. Save time and refocus your employees efforts on delivering value to your clients.


Secure and reliable cloud-based access

Atosa is specifically designed for accountants and firms who are seeking to deliver more value to their clients through reliable automated software. With Atosa we reduce your employee downtime every time the ATO Online Services for Agents is down, by linking your Tax Agent account and nominated clients to Atosa. We’re a cloud-based service with rock-solid infrastructure hosted at Microsoft Azure in Australia with a Secure Sockets Layer to keep your data safe, for whenever and wherever you want to access it.


Integrate data with all your other systems

With Atosa, there’s no need to waste time and money jumping from one accounting tool to another to get all your data. Our generated reports can integrate with any pre-existing accounting process that allows integration with Excel files. In most cases your team can do a once off set up to integrate your pre-existing accounting process to our templated reports – accessing the same information from the same cells in Excel regardless of which client you are looking at. Now that’s pretty flexible!

Estimate Your Savings

Calculate your time and money saving potential

Accountants have told us that Atosa saves them on average 30 to 60 minutes per taxpayer. How much time could you or your team save with Atosa?



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