Powerfully Simple Reconciliation Reporting and Analysis Software

Our integrated, simplified and comprehensive solution to reconciliation reporting and analysis gives Accountants and Accounting Firms an easy way to work smarter.

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How Atosa works

Smarter working software

Atosa software transforms your routine reconciliation tasks, saving you hours of work and streamlining your business workflow

How Atosa Connects


Atosa seamlessly connects to the ATO and imports and summarises your Activity and Account Statement data to start making your life easier.

How Atosa Reports


We automatically pre-populate multiple reports with ATO data and analyse data for multiple taxpayers at once, creating a seamless workflow that saves you time.

How Atosa Integrates


Export reports as Excel workpapers and integrate these with the systems you already utilise, so you can work smarter and drive value.

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Save hours of work and money

With Atosa you can save hours of work and money by streamlining your reconciliation reporting and analysis. How? By using Atosa we’ve saved Accountants on average 30 to 60 minutes per taxpayer. Leverage our estimator tool below to calculate your saving potential.



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Atosa for Accountants

Time-Saving Reconciliation Reporting Software

Compiling financial data and reconciling taxpayer accounts is an essential part of your accounting process but it doesn’t need to be time consuming. With Atosa, you’ll benefit from automated integrations, comprehensive reporting, and seamless pre-populated Excel workbooks. Want to spend more time on tasks that drive value?

Atosa for Accounting Firms

Transform Your Firm’s Reporting With Software

Reconciliation is a foundational piece of your firm’s financial reporting for clients but it doesn’t need to be manual. Atosa is a perfect solution for reconciliation reporting and analysis for accounting firms. Efficiently and quickly reconcile multiple taxpayers at scale, generate batch reports and integrate with your existing business software and systems.