About us

Our mission is to make life easy for every Accountant. We provide you with an easy way to work smarter, by allowing software to automate the process.

What we do

We help Australian Accountants and Accounting firms streamline their reconciliation workflows with time-saving and powerful software that integrates with pre-existing accounting processes. Our users benefit from automated integrations, comprehensive reporting, and seamless pre-populated Excel workbooks. No more manual handling of data from one platform to the other with human error: Atosa takes care of that for you!

Why we do it

Here at Atosa, we’ve come from an accounting background. We recognise and understand the increasing demand put on accountants and how unappealing the manual day-to-day reconciliation process can be. So we help you automate this process to get you straight to the important part: acting on your reports and delivering value to your clients.

How we do it

Atosa’s ATO Statement Analyser software aims to help ease some of that burden on resourcing, by giving Accountants and Accounting firms alike a simple way to earn back time for each client, so you can focus on delivering value where it really matters.

We’re currently offering a limited free trial offer of our software platform to Accounts and Accounting firms across Australia. To learn more about Atosa and how it works for accountants and accounting firms.

Behind Every Great Platform, There Is A Team

Our team is a passionate group of Accounting and Software Engineering experts, driven to empower everyday Accountants with the tools they need to take charge of their portfolios and deliver more value.

Garth Drinkwater

Managing Director

Aaron Lowe

Operations Director

Andrew Whalan

Chief Technology Officer

Darren Linsley

Senior Software Developer

Brendan Daley

Software Developer / ISMS Coordinator