Atosa simplifies your reconciliation, saving you time and money

Atosa reduces time-consuming manual reconciliation processes by automatically importing Activity and Account Statement data into reconciliation workpapers that can be accessed even when the ATO Online Service for Agents is down. Reducing human error, facilitating batch reporting, increasing staff satisfaction and allowing better allocation of resources.

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Activity Statements and Account Statements are automatically imported into Atosa

No more printing or manually typing ATO Online Services for Agents data into reconciliation workpapers. ATO Online Services for Agents data is automatically imported into Atosa, which can then be exported into pre-populated reconciliation workpapers for inclusion in your workpaper system.


Saves you time and money

Accountants have told us that Atosa saves them on average 30 to 60 minutes per taxpayer after doing both Activity Statement reconciliations and Account Statement reconciliations.

When staff manually review and reconcile ATO Online Services for Agents data, it costs time and money in the form of lost productivity (the value of time) and wage costs – Atosa minimises those costs.

It does this by enabling you to extract and analyse information from the ATO Online Services for Agents quickly and easily, by summarising data, and by pre-filling reconciliation workpapers to assist you to efficiently explore variances between ATO Online Services for Agents data and financial statements.


Employee satisfaction

Have you heard how the staff that undertake reconciliations by manually entering the data from the ATO Online Services for Agents really look forward to doing that work? No – neither have we. Rather, accountants have told us that getting rid of this manual work makes their staff happier and more productive.


Better allocation of staff resources

Administration staff can generate the pre-populated reconciliation workpapers and integrate them into your existing workpaper system. This can further free up accountant time for more value-added tasks.


Access to ATO Portal data even when it’s down

Once ATO Online Services for Agents data is imported into Atosa, the imported data remains available for review and analysis even when the ATO Online Services for Agents is down.

Minimise Mistakes

Reduces human error

When staff manually input ATO Online Services for Agents data into their workpapers, the data is subject to human error. Atosa eliminates those errors.